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About Jesse & Sandy

This should really say About US! We are a TEAM! Between the two of us, we have over 60 years of accounting, team building, motivating, and most important--PARENTING! Between the two of us, we have five young men we have raised. We are very proud of our boys as they are living their passion and have pursued their dreams. You can read all about our family on our blog and enjoy some of those "fun" stories of parenting!! Come join our team and we will work with you to build your business, show you how you can blog and make money at the same time, and even more important, how to keep your profits. We offer our exclusive system, 7 Keys To Deducting It All--Opening The Vault to Maximizing Your Tax Deductions.

Tips To Improve Your Memory

It can be utterly frustrating to not be able to recall a date, name or where you left an important document. Researchers have made great strides in learning how the brain retains information in recent years, however. Use some of the techniques and tricks presented here to improve your ability to recall the things you… Read More »

Welcome to Our Blog

Hey everyone! We’re so glad you stopped by.  We’re very excited about sharing our stories, our interests and our passions and are so happy that you are going to join us on our journey. As you’ll note, our new Blog is divided into being healthy by way of your body, your mind, your spirit and… Read More »