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With age, they say, comes wisdom. My beloved Clare ("ex" mother-in-law) used to say, "Age is all a matter of the mind...if you don't mind, it doesn't matter!" I love that! I pretty much have gone through life so very naive. That all changed when I became a mom. Becoming a mom, especially of a special needs baby, projected me at warp speed into maturity. I was pretty insecure right up until that moment I became a mom. When I realized I could take care of that awesome, delightfully confusing, autistic baby of mine, I realized I could do ANYTHING in this world and beyond.

Three Little Pigs

Before I post the totally hilarious YouTube video that fills me with joy, I have to give thanks and credit to Jamie Dedes, a Poet and Writer for without her and her blog ( I would not have found this delightful video about the Three Little Pigs.  Thank you Jamie!! Now the reason this video… Read More »