Child Beauty Pageants

By | September 2, 2013

Beauty Pageant GirlWell, love them or hate them, I have to guess that these child beauty pageants are here to stay.

Being the mom of three boys, this is not something I would have ever thought I would be a party to, but as I am fond of saying, NEVER SAY NEVER.

Who would have guessed that Walmart of all places would have had an opportunity for me to experience a child beauty pageant?  But alas, life is full of surprises.

So what does any normal mother of three boys do when she learns that Walmart is having a Mr. and Ms. Walmart contest?  Well, yes, I lowered myself to torture my little Dave to compete in this child beauty pageant.

I wasn’t necessarily surprised to see so many parents and little ones there–after all, there was that carrot of some sort of prize (money? gift card? …I cannot remember–but that’s not the point).  I was there, of course, not only for the prize but alas to show off my extremely handsome young son.  I mean take a look at this guy, is he not the most adorable little guy you ever saw?

Well, as you can clearly see, my Dave easily made the first cut.  DaveIt wasn’t exactly a quick process.  I mean these kids were there for quite some time.  I’m sure the moms of the girls were used to it, but Dave and I were like, what the heck, this was getting kind of boring for us!

Well, there was like a break at one point where they had all the moms and boys on one side and the girls and their moms on the other side (kind of facing each other).  Well, we’re just sitting there and suddenly the little girl sitting across from us (looking a bit like that little girl in the picture above) just gets up, unannounced and gets to the front of the group and starts belting out a song (I think there was a mike there–I guess even a stage…sorry, there were no cell phones with video cameras or even cameras back then so I have no proof that this incident ever happened except that it has been burnt into my memory banks forever!).

Okay, so she sings her song and proceeds to sit down and the next thing I know, my Dave is pulling on my sleeve saying he wants to get up and sing!!  I’m looking at this kid like WHO ARE YOU?  I mean this is not his little brother who would sit in the grocery cart and sing all sorts of songs with me and people would come up to us and say we should be on Star Search (that was always so cool!).  I mean this is DAVID!!??  Who is THIS KID?

Well, I’m not one to douse my boys’ aspirations and maybe he thought this was required (which, by the way, was NOT required at all!) and I will tell you something that I learned quickly that day, this is not a young man that will be upstaged in life!  So I sat back to watch what I had no idea or never could have possibly guessed what would happen next and I about died when I heard what came out of my little guy’s mouth!!

Dave-TMNTThat’s right, could you guess it from any of these pictures? TMNT

Yes, my little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle broke out into song alright, right into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Song.  Oh, and he put so much energy, movement and power into it!  He didn’t take that opportunity lightly at all!

Now, all these years, I always thought he had said, “Cowabunga” but I took myself down memory lane of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons and the theme songs, and perhaps he had said TURTLE POWER at the end, but all I know is it was quite an end!  Like a big exclamation point!!

It was the cutest, most adorable, most spontaneous (kind of hilarious for me) moment that I enjoyed with Dave and I am forever saddened that I didn’t have a camera or a camcorder or anything to record that moment.  However, tonight, I’m taking a moment to record this moment for all time for all to enjoy with me.  If you don’t remember the song or never heard it because you did not “parent” through the wonderful TMNT years that I did (and boy they were a BIG DEAL back then), then please enjoy the video below I created that I have been playing and replaying as I wrote this post.  Enjoy and as you listen, think of that most adorable little boy singing this song.

Oh, and did  he win you might be wondering?  Well…no, he did come in second though.  BUT I believe I won the biggest prize of all.  An unforgettable moment with the most precious of boys in the world.  🙂

I present to you the song my little turtle sang that day at Walmart…enjoy!

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