Three Little Pigs

By | September 1, 2013

Before I post the totally hilarious YouTube video that fills me with joy, I have to give thanks and credit to Jamie Dedes, a Poet and Writer for without her and her blog ( I would not have found this delightful video about the Three Little Pigs.  Thank you Jamie!!

Now the reason this video fills me with such joy is not only because it is SO EXTREMELY FUNNY, but also because it is filled with a ton of fond parental memories…

I haven’t shared yet (haven’t had a chance to share yet) too much about my boys–well, here’s my first chance (yay!).  I have the most wonderful sons a mother could ever hope for.  And while they did not deserve the crazy mom they were delivered in life, I’m awfully proud of how they all turned out–I must say!  No bias here whatsoever!

My mom did not tuck us in at night, didn’t sing to us at night, didn’t tell us any stories or read us any bedtime tales.  That’s not to dig on my mom at all, but rather just mentioned to “explain” my shortcomings.  Did I ever get to see a Disney movie when I was a kid?  Oh heck no!!  That was not to be (it was sheer torture when Jungle Book came out–oh how I wanted to see that movie!!).  My introduction to Disney was after my oldest son, Scottie, was born but that’s for another day.  No, the types of movies I got to go see at the drive-in theater in the VW Van in the heat of the summer with all 6 of us in the car, was more in line with Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte!!  If you have never seen that movie, I will tell you the parts I remember (and after that I either passed out or just fell asleep!!).  I recall a hand being chopped off and a head rolling down a staircase.  Oh what fond memories I have of my childhood–I do believe I was around  6 or 7 when we saw that movie)! LOL!

So, with that, (yes I did digress a tad!) suffice it to say that I had no real background in any of the Mary Poppins’ kind of skills (but I sure started to adopt them after seeing Mary Poppins!!).  So, when it came to story telling, I literally had to make up some of these stories on the fly.  And while my little story of how I told the Three Little Pigs tale of woe is cute and more amusing for the little ones, it does not hold a candle to stand-up comedian, John Branyan and this 8+ minute rendition using Shakespeare’s Elizabethan English vice our current American English vocabulary.

But before that, here’s my fond memory.  My oldest son has autism (but he is very high functioning) and when he was little, he would giggle a LOT (he still giggles, but I don’t hear it as often as I used to). Well, he is the oldest of my three boys and has always and still does, protect and care deeply for his little brothers (Dave and Tom). So when I set up this little piggy scene, I decided to use names for the three little pigs where the Tommy pig would build his house of straw, Dave of wood and Scottie of brick.  I would be quite graphic in portraying the big bad wolf and say how I was going to huff and puff and blow the house down and then my “silly” twist was to have the little piggy say, “Go ahead and try SUCKER!”  And Neal Boys 1993 every time I would say that, the giggles would be non-stop!! Oh joy!  Well, of course, the Dave and Tom piggies eventually land at their brother Scottie piggy’s house and the poor wolf literally runs out of puff ability and just goes home or just goes away. But my Scottie was the hero of the night and I would get that beam of a smile that will live in my mind forever.

So, without further ado (as we wouldn’t want to make much ado about nothing!), I present one of the most hilarious YouTube videos I’ve seen in a long time.  ENJOY!!!

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